Thursday, August 14, 2008

My love-hate relationship with the Olympics

I love the Olympics. I waited for the opening ceremony last week with huge impatience and was rewarded with an amazing show. Now I know that a few of the elements have been faked, which is kind of unsettling, but was I ever amazed last Friday night! Also, I'm a huge fan of watching gymnastics, it's probably one of my favorite sports. I know what it feels like to swim and to run. I do it at about a tenth of the speed of Olympic athletes to be sure, but I have some sort of analog. My body has never been anywhere close to doing skills that gymnasts do, it's as if they belong to a completely different species as the rest of us.

The hate part comes into play with NBC's so-called coverage of the Olympics. They decided to show some events "live" which I might appreciate if I lived on the east coast or mid-west where indeed, some things are being shown live. Instead, because I live in California I get the worst of both worlds--the events aren't shown live, but I still have to stay up late to see things finish, and wait while announcers fill up airtime as they wait for events occurring in real time. I'm an old 27-year-old lady, I don't want to stay up until 1 AM to see the end of my beloved gymnastics!

If you insist on this crappy format, start it at the same on the west coast as the east. My Tivo can start going at 5, and allow me to skip the crappy synchronized diving (WHY is this a sport?!?) and watch hottie Michael Phelps and gymnastics (the only things I really need to see!) that gets over at a decent hour live?!?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my head is asploding

The blog of unnecessary quotation marks. I totally need to send them that boat that's always parked outside of Lo's house that's name is: 'Awe'some.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Quel weekend

On Friday evening I know that Echo was around, I picked her up and brought her in from the patio where I was reading and made noises at her. Then I went to the gym, came home and showered, and played some video games. Little cat was all up in my bidness as usual and Echo is generally more reserved, and since I wasn't paying close attention I don't know if Echo was there or not, I have no solid memory of her in those few hours. It would not be unusual for her to have curled up to take a nap at that time of day, so I didn't think anything of it.

Then I went to my friend Katie's and spent a few hours drinking wine and shooting the shit with a few other friends. Dounia drove me home at around 1 AM because I'd had a bit too much wine and didn't want to risk driving. When I got home, I was so exhausted and just fell into bed. I did notice that Echo didn't come to the door, but like I said, Wolvie is so excitable that she is more reserved these days.

Around 5 or 6 AM I noticed that Wolvie was much more demanding of attention than usual, much more. And I noticed that Echo wasn't around the floor by the bed where she usually is at night. So I got up (like Wolvie was going to let me sleep anyway) and started searching the house for Echo. I looked in all of the Echo-sized hiding places and some smaller than Echo-sized. At this point I was pretty convinced that I was much more likely to find her sick/dead curled up somewhere in my apartment and was scared of THAT. After searching it became apparent that she was not in the apartment, she's a giant cat, she can't hide that well.

So I walked to get my car and made some fliers, posted them up around the neighborhood and basically this entire morning has been spent walking around looking for the cat. My neighbor said she saw a cat that meets her description in the garage, looking really scared. If that's true, it means she hasn't gone far, but there are a lot of Echo-lookalikes out there which I discovered on my various tours around the neighborhood. :(

I spent basically all of Saturday looking around the neighborhood for my cat. Both cats are foster cats, and basically don't know how to take care of themselves outdoors. Eventually I decided to pack it in for the night and was feeling very discouraged. At 2 in the morning I heard the screen door make a noise and jumped out of bed, standing there was Echo looking very keen to get in and meowing at me. I was so happy. She's also very happy and filthy from running around in the outdoors. She seems really happy to be home, as happy as cats generally seem, and Wolvie is really stoked to have his friend back. God I'm so relieved!

Friday, August 1, 2008


I was absolutely astounded to read this article about the Health and Human Services plan to deny federal funding to medical organizations that don't "accommodate employees who want to opt out of participating in care that runs counter to their personal convictions, including providing birth-control pills, IUDs and the Plan B emergency contraceptive."

This is absolutely ridiculous. If you do not believe in providing safe and effective birth control to women, you do not belong in the medical field. Period. If you cannot look to the positive effects that access to birth control has had for the health of women and children and see how necessary this is, I don't feel that you are mentally competent to provide me with medical care.

If your religious beliefs are against contraception, that's great. Don't use it yourself. But if you wish to work in the medical profession, you had better not be imposing your morality on people that are counting on you for care.