Friday, August 1, 2008


I was absolutely astounded to read this article about the Health and Human Services plan to deny federal funding to medical organizations that don't "accommodate employees who want to opt out of participating in care that runs counter to their personal convictions, including providing birth-control pills, IUDs and the Plan B emergency contraceptive."

This is absolutely ridiculous. If you do not believe in providing safe and effective birth control to women, you do not belong in the medical field. Period. If you cannot look to the positive effects that access to birth control has had for the health of women and children and see how necessary this is, I don't feel that you are mentally competent to provide me with medical care.

If your religious beliefs are against contraception, that's great. Don't use it yourself. But if you wish to work in the medical profession, you had better not be imposing your morality on people that are counting on you for care.

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Atomic Bombshell said...

I hear you, but maybe in a strange and backasswards way, the government is trying to protect you from people like that.