Wednesday, July 2, 2008

object lust 1

Brad and I went on a fact-finding mission this weekend for a camcorder to take with us to Hawaii. I saw this baby at Fry's and was immediately drawn because it is one sexy piece of hardware. (However Sony HDR-TG1 is not a sexy name. I will call it Gisele.) We looked around, resolved to do homework, and left--and ended up making the purchase later that day. What happened to my staid not-swayed-by-style boyfriend? I'm not sure but I'm not complaining.

Expect plenty of stupid videos to fill this space soon, once I figure out how to use video editing software! Speaking of, does anyone who reads this know anything about video editing that they'd like to share? I'm a complete novice.

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Brad said...

I wasn't swayed by style. It had excellent features and there was a sale that ended up saving us 15%. I was swayed by extremely high value boosted by an ephemeral promotion.