Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coachella Sunday

Arrived around 4 on Sunday and met up with our friends to see Lykke Li as our first show of the day. In my opinion this was one of the best sets of the weekend--I liked her album but absolutely loved her live and have been listening to this album over and over again since we got back! She had amazing intensity and stage presence and I found her fascinating to watch.

After this show we headed to Peter Bjorn and John which was okay but not great. The highlight of the set was when Lykke Li came onstage to sing the female vocals on Young Folks. After that we hit this lull in the afternoon where there was absolutely nothing to be excited about so we ate dinner and found ourselves in front of the tent where X was playing, which I ended up digging.

Following the lull in the action was the hour or two where I needed to be in five places at once. Started out at My Bloody Valentine, everyone was freaking me out about the loudness of the show. I've been wearing earplugs to shows for years so was already prepared. The show started and honestly I wasn't really feeling the first few songs so we left for the dance tent where Christopher Lawrence was spinning. I remember loving his set when I saw him live ten years ago and the first 30 minutes didn't disappoint but then the set started to get all trancey and we left. I could hear noise from the MBV stage and the Kills playing three stages down, and was torn, both sounded so good. Ended up running to the main stage to hear the last wonderful 15 minutes of noise from MBV.

Saw Flavor Flav acting all crazy for a few minutes, then got seats for The Cure. I'm not a huge Cure fan but they were amazing. Robert Smith's voice sounds just as it ever has, and he sells the emotion of the songs so well. A great headliner and end to the festival weekend.

Honestly next year I'm hoping for a dud lineup, or at least a lineup full of bands everyone else likes but I never got into. :) It will be two weeks before my wedding, and I get the idea there will be too much to do to take four days off to party in the desert. If Daft Punk or Rage Against the Machine decide to headline an encore set though, I'll be reconsidering.

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