Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I tackled one of the tasks I have been dreading for the wedding on Sunday, finding the dress. I can't exactly put my finger on why it was so terrifying. Part of it was this fear that they would only have size 2 samples and I'd be stuck trying to squeeze myself into these things and imagining how they'd look if they fit properly. I think the rest of it was the stress of it...choosing this extremely expensive item that is supposed to be THE PERFECT DRESS.

Anyhow I mustered up some courage and got the process started. I heard you were supposed to get the dress thing locked down about a year out, so I called a place I'd gotten a good recommendation for the other day, thinking I'd have to wait at least a week or two for a weekend appointment, but they had openings right away, so I booked one. Kim came with me while her husband and my fiance played video games and had beers.

For one thing my fears about the size thing were unfounded. This place had all kinds of sizes, I tried on quite a few gowns that were several sizes too large and had to be clipped. I was also pleasantly surprised at how nice I looked in almost all of them, but honestly, they just weren't me. So many dresses were full of beading and lace, I told my lady that I didn't like beading at all. Most of the others were very structured, which turned out just to be too much for me. When the saleslady brought out the dress I ended up loving, she was like "This is not too simple, is it?" Nope, it wasn't, it was perfect. And a great price too.

Happy that I'd easily come under the number I wanted to spend, I decided to have a little fun with Brad when I came home, and tell him that I'd found the perfect dress but it was a little more than we'd wanted to spend. I told him a number about $4000 higher than what the dress actually cost me and Kim and I kept it going for a few minutes before telling him the real price.


D said...

Hahaha nice! Give the hired help a run for his money (literally). Hehe.

Atomic Bombshell said...

So glad you found the perfect dress. I tried visiting a few shops, hated everything in them, then decided to have mine made... For $500. Keeping the whole thing simple helped keep me from becoming a runaway bride.