Monday, February 9, 2009

Big steps!

This weekend was pretty chill, but we accomplished quite a bit. B. and I managed to find an apartment that we both liked, had all the features we wanted, and was under budget--not quite an easy task! We get the place officially two weeks from now, and will move in shortly after. We both live alone and have for the past several years (excepting two horrific months I lived in San Francisco with the roommates from hell about a year ago) so sharing space might take some getting used to. ;) If I didn't think we were up to it, we wouldn't be getting married.

Speaking of marriage, we locked down a date and a location! We're putting down a deposit on Wednesday and then it will be too late to elope. ;) The wedding will be in late spring of 2010, and I'm super excited. 2010 sounds like it is so far away but I have a feeling the time will pass very quickly.

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Atomic Bombshell said...

Glad you found a place and picked a date! So excited to see you two come together... Twice! Once when you move in and then when you tie the knot.