Monday, February 2, 2009

So I gave up...

On the whole Project 365 thing. It was so much harder than I thought it'd be! And my fiance came back into town, which doubled my lack of motivation to go out and find pictures of stuff, so I called it quits. My friend DB called it, said I'd be done within a month. Oh well.

One thing that I actually did follow up with was the no boozing. I haven't had any alcohol for a month, which for me, is a big deal. I'd tried to do this before, but for some reason after two weeks of not drinking life always seemed to go to shit. I wasn't convinced that it was entirely a coincidence so I was wary. But no, things are cool, I'll have drinks with dinner on Valentine's Day, am looking forward to it.

Next weekend Brad and I have a tasting with the venue that we're probably going to go with for the wedding. Hopefully the food doesn't suck and we can put a deposit down and start really planning.

And the Coachella lineup is finally out. Girl Talk is playing again this year! The lineup is a whole bunch of awesome, can't wait until April.

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